Bob Muro
Wireless Telecom Group

This webinar is perfect for those looking to learn the basics about noise and what you can do with it. The main areas covered will include:

  • What can I do with noise?
  • How is noise created?
  • What types of noise can Noisecom provide?
  • What do I need to know before purchasing a noise solution?
  • Helpful formulas for specific noise parameters

Learn how noise is created, the different types and how to control it. Bob will show how to define your noise requirements so you can identify the specific form factor, including diodes, modules and instruments that provide the best solution for your application. 










Broadcasted 11/18/2010

Wolfgang Damm
Dir. of Product Marketing

Data transmission is often conducted under very difficult circumstances; weak signals that transport high data rates within an unfavorable noise environment have to be recognized by receivers. Furthermore, data streams have to be transmitted reliably and with low BER. Designers, developers and system engineers have to take less-than-ideal circumstances in consideration when they design their circuits or monitor their system. The measurements discussed in this webinar are relevant for Satellite applications, Cable TV, telecommunications and as well for other RF technologies. The webinar is designed for an audience interested in learning about optimizing signal and data transmission and how to utilize modern test equipment.


  • Measurement Environment
  • Ratios: S/N, C/N, C/No, C/I, EbNo
  • Shannon Limit
  • Error Correction
  • BER and Coding schemes
  • Noisecom CNG-EbNo